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Plant Parenthood

for Dummies......

or smart people who buy plants from the LPS

The Li ‘l> Plant Shop

Care Sheet

      By, The People Plant Connection / The Go 2 Garden


Thank You for adopting a plant from The Li ‘l Plant Shop we hope you have many years of enjoyment out of your plant.

Plant Name: _______________________________________Light ____________Water _________


If you received this plant as a gift then by all means give us a call or stop in and we will give you the information to help you along to horticultural success.


Light: A plant should get anywhere from 8 to 15 hours of light per day depending on the type of plant you have.  A Li ‘l Plant Shop plant will need the lower amount of light because of the type of plants we carry (low light Plants).  If you cannot provide that light, augment your natural light with artificial light.  A 75-watt LED or compact florescent bulb for 4 to 5 hours a day of extra light.  Rule of thumb plant placement, south facing window 5’ to 6’ feet away in an arch.  East or West 3’ to 4’ feet away.  In a north window your plant should be placed close to the window as you can without getting to cold 1’ to 2’ feet.  Fold a towel to buffer between the cold window sill and your plant.   


Drainage and Water: Never let a plant sit in water. It’s so important that I should say it twice.  Always let your plant drain away all excess water.  As a rule, you should water at the sink so water can drain.  Root rot is the number one cause of premature plant demise.  Water your plant when the plant needs it not when you want to water it.  Watering is not how much you give, but how often.  Let water sit out so its room temperature for watering and this will allow the chlorine in the water to evaporate.


Place a plant where it should be: Give your plant a bright spot near a window allowing your plant to get as much light as it needs.  If you have an obstruction between the plant and the window remove it, like shades or sheers.  Once you place your plant please do not move it.  Plants like to settle in and will get used to your watering schedule and to the light they have available.  If you are not sure call The Li ‘l Plant Shop or stop in for some one on one.  


Origin: Research the natural habitat of your plant.  This information will help in determining how to best care for your newly adopted plant.  Dry, wet, sunny, shady, on the ground or above the ground each type of plant requires its own specific watering needs and care.            

Fertilizer:  Mix water soluble blue fertilizer to ¼ the strength on the label and use this mixture every time you water. 

Preen your plants: Clean your plants once a week or so.  Take off any dead leaves, check for bugs, take an old fork and scratch the soil surface so when you water the water will drain evenly through the soil.  Wipe down any dusty leaves.  

Repotting: Unless there are roots growing out of the bottom and you are watering every other day then repotting is probably not necessary.  Bring it in to The Li ‘l Plant Shop we’ll let you know for sure and if it does require a repot we have everything you need to make it happen. 

Coming Soon!!

*List of Plants Safe for Cats

*List of Plants Safe for Dogs

*And More!

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